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Vtipy, vtipná a zajímavá videa, gify, obrázky a hlášky.

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Deset minut gramatiky.




Bob was a young kid who was born in Jamestown. He was never very great in school. But neither was he a drop-out. Bob's life was generally not that interesting. He grew up to become the local Postmaster.

Although he wasn't married or had many friends or ambitions, he was kinda happy with his life. And to this day, Bob has never left Jamestown.

But people say there was a girl called Jane in his life. Nobody really knows about this girl as she was from out of town. She had recently moved in to work as a lawyer in a local firm. This bright and charismatic girl was a hardcore career woman at the start of her hardcore career life. She liked travelling and meeting new people. But when she met Bob one day, something changed in her. Some would say she was struck with love's binding spell. Bob and Jane were seen together on occasion, and then the unthinkable happened: Police arrested Bob for being a wanted serial killer. And the last thing there is to say about Jane:

Jane never left Jamestown.

Jane uz asi nie .. ale Bob s penetrovanou zadnicou v base by este mohol byt nazive .

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