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  1. Rust

    RUST - Happy New Year!

    Zobrazit celý článek
  2. Rust

    RUST - Community Update 219

    Happy Holidays!Zobrazit celý článek
  3. Rust

    RUST - Season's Beatings!

    The most wonderful time of the year!Zobrazit celý článek
  4. Rust

    RUST - The Instrument Update

    This month we introduce the Rust Instruments DLC as well as the usual optimizations and improvements and yes, you do have legs!Zobrazit celý článek
  5. Rust

    RUST - Community Update 218

    Big announcements this month! Console play, Instrument DLC, Charitable Rust, and submarines?Zobrazit celý článek
  6. Rust

    RUST - Instrument Pack

    Introducing our musical instrument DLCZobrazit celý článek
  7. Rust

    RUST - The Tree Fix Update

    Halloween is over, trees are fixed and more optimizations, fixes and improvements.Zobrazit celý článek
  8. Rust

    RUST - Community Update 217

    Charitable Rust, Halloweenies, Electrical Masterminds, and more!Zobrazit celý článek
  9. Rust

    RUST - Halloween 2019

    Zobrazit celý článek
  10. Rust

    RUST - Horse Equipment Update

    We've added horse equipment, Crafting, Inventory, Map and Death screen improvements and various other fixes, balances and improvements ...Zobrazit celý článek
  11. Rust

    RUST - Community Update 216

    Rustflix & Chill, Animated shorts, and more!Zobrazit celý článek
  12. The new Transport Helicopter arrives along with changes to auto turrets and various other fixes and optimizationsZobrazit celý článek
  13. Rust

    RUST - Community Update 215

    Community blog returns, charitable Rust and more!Zobrazit celý článek
  14. Rust

    RUST - Updated Linux Plans

    An update to our previous plans for the Linux version of Rust Zobrazit celý článek
  15. Rust

    RUST - Linux Plans

    Explaining our decisions regarding the future of the Linux version of Rust. Zobrazit celý článek
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